Fambino MurphyCreator of HoodPranks

    Fambino is the C.E.O. of Hoodpranks.  He started Hoodpranks back in 2009 after being pranked by one of his good friends.  Fambino laughed so much after being pranked and he thought pranking people would be a good way to bring laughter to the hood.  He begin his journey by putting a camera crew together along with a crew of comedians and begin pranking people.  These pranks became very popular on YouTube and over 200 websites.  Fambino is now the “Godfather” of Hoodpranks and has many others doing their own hood pranks online.  He was influenced to make a Hoodpranks movie and that is just what he did.  So finally, the Hoodpranks Movie is here!!  The Hoodpranks movie was originally scheduled to be released in AMC theaters this April, however, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we are all facing theaters have been shut down.  This has forced Fambino to release his movie through streaming services.